Internet Profits Live Event 2020

I just got back from Heathrow this weekend after spending Saturday and Sunday attending The Internet Profits 2020 live event.

Dean Holland, CEO of Internet Profits Invited about fifty of us certified partners down to London Heathrow. The event was held in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel to celebrate the launch of his brand new book The Iceberg Effect.

To those of you who have never heard of them, Internet Profits mission is to provide the training, tools, and support to allow everyday men and women to achieve their vision of success in life with an internet based business.

This is only the second event I’ve ever attended and it certainly was an eye opener. I’ve known Dean for a number of years, even before I became a member of his Internet Profits Partner group so I knew it would be something special…

The atmosphere was electric right from the start with a tension you could almost feel.

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My Internet Marketing Journey Begins

OK, so maybe you’re wondering, how could my internet marketing journey begin today if I’ve already been at it for years?

The thing is, to answer this properly I need to step back in time a little.

I first got started with the idea of making money online around about 2010 but I’d absolutely no idea of how I was going to achieve this!

I had loads of false starts, buying cheap (and sometimes quite expensive) information products that never seemed to work for me. I don’t know why but there always seemed to be something missing… as if there was a part they simply were not revealing!

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Affiliate Marketing Hoax

This is a true story as told to me by Dean Holland my coach and mentor

He’s given me permission to post it here in the hope that it will help as many people as possible who are struggling to put the affiliate marketing pieces together


I was sat in Seattle airport sinking my second mojito whilst awaiting my flight
back to London.

It was busy in the bar with no tables free near where I was sitting.

“Hey there, you mind if I take this seat” asked a random guy who wanted to sit
down on my table

“Sure thing” I replied.

Little did I know that this chance meeting would lead to the biggest realizeation I’d ever had about affiliate marketing and go on to change the course of my life.

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Commissionator Review

Discover the 15-minute video hack

Yesterday I bought a course by Shreya Banerjee. She is a full time mum but does affiliate marketing in any spare time she can find.

Her latest offering is called Commissionator. It’s a step by step course on how to create video’s, how to get them up on YouTube and how to get them ranking.

Shreyar grew tired of buying one course after another only to be disappointed, so she went back to basics and developed her own marketing technique. She figured out the best and easiest way to create both talking head and power point video… A sort of down and dirty but effective way of creating them.

Commissionator ReviewIt’s one thing creating the video’s but something else trying to get them to rank in Google and YouTube. Luckily for us, Commissionator covers it all. From simple keyword research to on page and off page SEO everything is covered in the smallest detail.

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Group Traffic Profits Review

Hi it’s Pete here again. I’ve not posted for ages but it’s time I got back to it again.

Recently I decided to re-visit a product I bought some time ago from BrettGroup Traffic Profits Rutecky and Mike Thomas, aka Mike from Maine. These two guys are at the top of their game. Brett is a software developer, but both of these guys are top affiliates on JVZoo. (An affiliate/vendor platform).

Group Traffic Profits shows how to get FREE traffic to your offer using Facebook groups.

The training is given in fourteen short, step by step, video training modules, and each is only a few minutes long. Take a look!

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