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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Shortly you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription to what is going to be , in all likelihood, one of the most important email marketing newsletters you’ll ever receive.

Yes, you will receive the “Secret Email Template” PDF once you confirm, and on top of that, I will send you more email sales secrets in the subsequent days with answers to questions regularly asked by action takers of the Secret Email Template.

Now, I know this page is different to what you’re used to seeing. I know you thought you’d see what you generally do, and what you’re generally taught to do with a Thank You Page… Which is sell a one time offer.

I’m not doing that.

Instead I’m welcoming you to the world that sustains my life… the world of predictable, dependable, weekly recurring sales from powerful emails designed to get people in a buying mood. So…

In conclusion, here are my three vows:

  • I vow to share PROVEN tips that turn you into the most potent email copywriter you can possibly be.
  • I vow only to take your understanding of email marketing, your online business, and what it truly takes to make the kind of money you want, to do the things in life you want, to heights you did not know were possible.
  • I vow only to share resources with you that have been PROVEN to work, and work FAST.
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Pete Sheldon