Internet Profits Live Event 2020

I just got back from Heathrow this weekend after spending Saturday and Sunday attending The Internet Profits 2020 live event.

Dean Holland, CEO of Internet Profits Invited about fifty of us certified partners down to London Heathrow. The event was held in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel to celebrate the launch of his brand new book The Iceberg Effect.

To those of you who have never heard of them, Internet Profits mission is to provide the training, tools, and support to allow everyday men and women to achieve their vision of success in life with an internet based business.

This is only the second event I’ve ever attended and it certainly was an eye opener. I’ve known Dean for a number of years, even before I became a member of his Internet Profits Partner group so I knew it would be something special…

The atmosphere was electric right from the start with a tension you could almost feel.

Dean took to the stage with a big round of applause with a great wave of anticipation and boy did he over deliver!

Right from the start Dean delivered a masterplan for us to follow which included the four core areas we need to focus on. Many affiliate marketers get distracted and find themselves buying the latest push button, get rich quick course or piece of software, even though we know there is no such thing.

I’ve been down this avenue more times than I care to mention. Falling for the latest shiny objects affects us all at one time or another and often sends us down the proverbial rabbit hole. Thankfully Dean spent a considerable amount of time on this and how having the right mindset is crucial.

Simon Stanley is a successful partner with Internet Profits. He kicked the afternoon off demonstrating the importance of influence and how important it is to stay engaged with our audience. Treating each individual as we would expect to be treated ourselves! Any time we engage with our audience we can leave ourselves vulnerable… On a personal note I find it very difficult writing emails to my list. Trying to strike a happy medium of being a person of influence, an authorative figure, yet still maintain a level of understanding of my customers needs and delivering this to them.

Glenn Shepherd, another partner, continued giving us an eye opener into various methods of obtaining and using content in our everyday marketing. One of the main takeaways of the day for me was Glenn’s explanation of how important, yet simple, repurposing content can be. I’ve always thought that producing content was a bit of a pain. Create a blog post. Create content for Twitter, FB, Instagram etc. Create a video and post to YouTube. Make a Podcast. Oh man, the list is endless! How enlightening when Glenn opened my eyes to a way of using just one or two pieces of content for everything.

The first day was rounded off with Dean emphasising the importance of knowing our audience, THE WHO. Who, exactly, is our audience? Age, gender, married, single, where do they live, what are their circumstances? It’s only when we know our audience and are able to speak to them that we have a chance of them getting to know, like and trust us.

Day two was really what most of us were looking forward to… Traffic!

Dean covered different traffic methods in great depth. Most of us know the likely candidates of paid traffic, Facebook, YouTube ads, media buys etc. but Dean even showed us his own methods of paid ads and what is working for him now. It was fascinating to see how his mind works. What copy or images he’s used and why. Even explaining why one ad may work yet another one fail.

I think almost everyone struggles to get eyeballs on their content and offers. Interesting that Dean concentrates on just one paid method and spends months mastering this method before even considering moving onto anything else. Once again, focus is the key here! 

The afternoon was rounded off with Q&A with four successful partners taking to the stage and fielding questions on how they successfully make five and six figure incomes as Internet Profits Partners. I found it fascinating how all four have taken different measures to reach their own level of income, Flo and Glenn have used mainly blogging while Simon has built up his own digital empire.

Robyn has ventured into her own makeup business and explained how she struggled for her first three years. It was only after going back to the drawing board she was able to turn her business around by niching down and resonating with others who have similar issues as she does with makeup products.

I count myself very lucky in meeting some truly amazing people who are dedicated in helping us to achieve our dreams. It’s impossible to put into words how it feels, putting names to faces and meeting friends I’ve only ever spoken to on line. This was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for what comes next!

Many of the topics discussed in the post above are covered in Dean’s new book The Iceberg Effect. If you’d like to find out more or get a copy for yourself just click on the image below.

10 thoughts on “Internet Profits Live Event 2020”

  1. Hi Pete excellent summary of the internetprofits event was truly a great experience. And a pleasure to meet you. Your blog is really really good and Iam enjoying following your journey. Your writing style is easy to read like having a conversation in person again. Thanks for sharing some great value bombs.

    • Thanks for stopping by Binny, really appreciate your kind words! Lets hope it’s not too long before we have the chance to catch up with each other again.

  2. Hey Peter……sounds good ….but what I want to know is….So What? Was this just a good time meeting online friends and having a Ra Ra session…. Or did it make any difference….what will you change?

    • Thanks Tony, you make a good point. I’ve added a little more content giving my own personal take on things so maybe this post will come accross a little better.

  3. Great post Peter, you’ve captured the magic of the weekend as much as you can without being there. I hope it will turnout to be a positive turning point and that you see your business grow as a result!

    • Thanks for stopping by Vic, It was a brilliant weekend but very difficult explaining the atmosphere in the place.
      Dean was an absolute star but without actually being there it’s impossible to portray the magic that everyone felt!

  4. A top-class event we attended Peter, nice to have met you. Your description tells the story of Dean, the content covered and his company to a tee. You rarely find this comfortable feeling at events (I have attended quite a few) but for me, this was the best yet. I look forward to following your success.

  5. Hey John, thanks for stopping bye. It was a pleasure to meet you and have a drink, I can’t believe how quick the weekend passed. Looking forward to following your success and catching up with you at the next event.

  6. Hi Peter. Great post. It WAS a great event and it was really good to meet you in person.

    Looking forward to meeting you again at the next one

    • Thanks Anne, great to see you’re still moving forward with your business. Great to meet you too, it will be interesting to see where Dean holds the next one!


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