Dedication                                                                                                BRETT CHESNEY

Why do we often find affiliate marketing so difficult?

Here are a couple of sentences from an article you can find on Clickbank.

"If you were seriously thinking about taking up a new craft or skill, something you’d never really done before, and wanted to get good enough at it to make a living, think about how dedicated you’d need to be.

Let’s take golf as an example - if you wanted to make a living playing golf, do you think you could just go out and hit 100 golf balls a few times a week and expect to be on the pro tour any time soon?

No way! Pro golfers hit literally thousands of shots a day, every single day, whether they want to or not - because that’s what it takes to be great.  They study the game, they try to identify their faults and fix them, and most importantly, they develop or find a training system and stick to it - for months or years on end. Because that’s what it takes to be great."

The thing is, I think a lot of people quit far too soon... Often through the fear of losing money when running paid ads.

To a certain extent you have to invest a certain amount to get the data you need to make informed decisions. Someone new to affiliate marketing would spend a few dollars and then pull the plug if the ad is not performing right away.

It's just another skill set you need to learn and be prepared to lose a little money in the beginning!

But why is affiliate marketing getting harder?